The Parish Council operates a number of committess and subcomittees to allow a a smaller number of councillors to focus on specific topics.  Some committees are permanent or standing and others are set up to focus on a particular short-term project.

Committees are designated as advisory or executive.  Executive committees have delegated power to make decisions on behalf of the council, where as advisory committees report back to the full council for a decision to be made.

Currently the Parish Council operate the following committees (members as per 2018 Annual Parish Council Meeting):

Planning & Environment

  • B Higham, C Briscoe, P Higham, W McDonald


  • B Higham, S Fogarty, W Yates


  • S Fogarty, T Newall


  • E Bell, T Newall, B Higham, N Partington


  • N Partington, E Bell.

Projects (this committee is to cover Youth, CIL, Projects etc)  

  • T Newall, C Evans, N Partington


The Chairman (Councillor Bell) and Vice Chairman (Councillor McDonald) are ex officio members of the above committees.


The following are representatives on external bodies:

War Memorial                                  

  • E Bell, B Higham, W Yates

Community Hall Trust

  • P Higham

Charity Trustees

  • W McDonald (2019), B Higham (2019), W Yates (2019),

BC Liaison Committee

  • C Evans, S Fogarty

Neighbourhood Area Meeting  

  • T Newall