The Parish Council noticeboards are located:

  • On the A6 (Preston Road) opposite Whittle-le-Woods Primary School and St Johns the Evangelist Church (just next to bus stop)
  • On the A6 at the Jubilee Garage roundabout at the estate entrance just between New Moss Lane and Royton Drive.
  • On Town Lane opposite the intersection with Copthurst Lane.
  • On Chorley Old Road opposite Birchin Lane.
  • Next to the bus stop, behind the grass verge at the junction of Blackburn Road and the A674.
  • Next to the Cornwall Avenue play area on Buckshaw Village.


Parish Council Noticeboard Policy

Please note that the noticeboards are for display of community notices, official and unofficial, but it is the Parish Council’s policy that they will not be used for profit making organisations.  

  • Following discussion at October 2011’s Parish Council meeting, the following noticeboard policy was decided:
  • Parish Council noticeboards are primarily for the display of Parish Council notices and related notices from Chorley Borough Council, Lancashire County Council and other official government related bodies.
  • If space allows: Posters may be displayed which relate to not-for-profit community events taking place in the Community Hall or elsewhere in the village, for example, the Christmas fair, Spot On events, brass band concerts and the flower show.  Specifically if these events help to raise funds for the Community Hall or village in general.
  • If space allows: Posters from other non-business organisations which the Parish Council supports: Ramblers, Cuerden Valley Park, etc.
  • No posters for commercial for-profit groups will be allowed on Parish Council noticeboards even if they relate to events which are held in the Community Hall.  These groups are encouraged to advertise in the newsletter or to enquire about putting posters on the Community Hall noticeboard.
  • Any other items may be presented at Parish Council meetings to be decided on a one-off basis.

 If you notice vandalism or damage to any of the noticeboards, please inform the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.