Under the CIL Regulations, Chorley Council isrequired to pay to Local Councils 15% of any CIL receipts from developments within those areas.

As per the CIL Guidance on the Planning Guidance website: "Spending the Levy" it states that;

"The levy can be used to fund a wide range of infrastructure, including transport, flood defenses, schools, hospitals, and other health and social care facilities (for further details, see

Section 216(2) of the Planning Act 2008, and Regulation 59, as amended by the 2012 and 2013 Regulations).

This definition allows the levy to be used to fund a very broad range of facilities such as play areas, parks and green spaces, cultural and sports facilities, academies and free schools, district heating schemes and police stations and other community safety facilities"

Please click here to see the Parish Council CIL Annual Report 2018-19.



The Parish Council has a legal obligation to publish certain parts of the audit-related paperwork. 

The completed audit form and confirmation of audit are available here.

The internal auditor's report is available here.